The Global SiSTARhood Healing Spiral

Our website already gives you the opportunity to start working with the Oracle Deck virtually. We do not share the full length of the higher healing messages here, but enough for you to experience the beauty and power of this unity Oracle. The sistars share with you information about themselves, upcoming events, important energy reports and links to their websites and Facebook pages. So if you need some awakening tools, guidance or healing assistance, we are there for you.

The first printed edition of the Oracle Cards and Book, that contains the full length of the higher messages, exercises, symbolic meanings of the (mythical) animals, geometry, color rays and numerology are available when a sponsor decides to step in and assist us financially with bringing forth our Sistarhood Healingspiral through this Oracle Deck. Until then, you can enjoy the Oracle Readings online. Click HERE to get your virtual Oracle Sistar reading.

The birth of this SiSTARhood Oracle Deck

This passionate ignition of a creative spark began with Qizenna, our Sister in Belgium, which flowed around Mother Earth, gathering other Sistars, encompassing the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine energies and creating a cascade of loving, healing intention.

Using graphics and colour to express the unique essence of each one, this project first began as a joyful, creative seed to honor a particular Sistar in Australia. Birthed as a beautiful portraiture tribute in colorful symbology and guided rhythm, the intuitive creation of additional portraits began to also emerge of other Sistars around the world, creating a toroidal flow of intuitive sharing and blossoming into delightful discovery and expansion.

Through her gifts of divine artistry and intuitive mastery, Qizenna is able to reflect an exquisitely accurate representation of the qualities and gifts of each individual. Highlighting their natural beauty, she also expresses through her art, an understanding of the totemic influences and symbolic expression for each in relation to her Self/ Higher Self, Unique Essence and Goddess Presence.

As Sistars, we are connected around Gaias beautiful body in synchronistic, harmonic flow, contributing knowledge and wisdom, guardianship and guidance with dynamic and still presence, with activated hearts of Love.

Our offering to you in loving service, the Sistarhood Healing Spiral Oracle.

Gemma O’ Rourke