Carolyn Puckett

The Sistar on this card sharing the message is Carolyn Puckett. She lives in the USA. Carolyn is a divine channel and author with the pen name Princess Mani, and she teaches others how to learn the process of Ascension–raise vibrations in all aspects of being and how to channel.

She also teaches about the necessity for and how to have a daily practice of Kundalini Yoga, meditation and accessing the channel to Higher Self for knowledge, wisdom and spiritual guidance on all things, including higher life purpose.

She is an Ascension healer with Myofascial Release and Quantum Energy Healing skills and knowledge to clear the blocked energy accumulated (from past lives inclusive) and raise the energy vibrations in the physical body, as well, clears the subconscious mind with Spiritual Response Therapy, accessing the Soul’s (Akashic) Records to do so and sharing knowledge to understand past and past life experiences, in order to release what is necessary for the healing and guides you to gain the insight and wisdom for completion of the past experiences, thus achieving more Ascension, vibrational energy and mind mastery.


Bliss Myofascial Release