Lalita Karoli

The Sistar on this card sharing the message is Lalita Karoli from the United States. She is a Galactic Shaman Astrologer, yoga teacher and consciousness engineer. She connects our descent into physicality with our origin in the stars.

She can make the unconscious realms conscious by reading a chart and applying the archetypal stories of our galactic heritage. She uses fixed stars, asteroids and planets with equal attention to masculine and feminine planets… such as Sedna, Eris, Athena, Vesta, Haumea, Chariklo, Juno, Lillith, Salacia and more.

She is the keeper of feminine wisdom and knows the stories of the Goddess energies before they were distorted. She loves equally the masculine energies and is actively upgrading the language for the Divine Masculine. In this balance and play of the dance of the cosmic bodies, we are awakened to our full potential.

You can contact Lalita Astrology Facebook page to set up a session to activate your mission and remember your star origins. Your chart will show a path to ancestral healing. Your ascendant is the sign of the life force that animates the Shakti and allows you to breathe. Lalita has been teaching yoga, shamanism, astrology and transformational quest for 25 years. She is actively cultivating Shakti for the ascension of Humankind.

Facebook Page: lalita astrology