Key Words

New beginnings
Unconditional love

If you have drawn the Diamond Matrix Love card, the message for you is to breathe deeply into the sweetness of your own heart. Place three fingers upon your higher heart just under the collar bone above your heart. Breathe the deep love and unconditional forgiveness of Divine Mother’s aqua silver love. Let your human self be enveloped in a starry stream of mother’s divine nectar and rocked sweetly in divine mother’s arms. This is a time of replenishment and rest as you open to receive the sweet blessing of unconditional love!

Andromedan mother love returns the song of Sophia to Earth and resurrects her daughter with her universal heart of unconditional love. It is sound love light codes that are the return of Sophia to the Earth. The diamond Sun Matrix is the body of the Christos Sophia. The Christos Sophia breathes through………….

The sister on this card sharing the messages is Sarah Adams from the USA.