Bridging the New
Identify your Soul Truth
True Color Soundhealing
The Inner Tuningfork

If the rainbow bridge card appeared in your reading today, it’s time to show your true colors. The world needs your true self, your true colors and own unique sound. It is time to activate your inner rainbow bridge and lightbody with the help of your inner planes of existence and tuning fork. Your unique Sound that is frequency, can activate your True Colors.

The universal four sources of transformation, “color, light, energy and sound” are here to assist you during this process of re-building the inner bridge to your true colorful self. Everything is color, light, energy and sound. By using these four sources as one, from the place of unconditional love, we can free ourselves from imposed conditions. In order to find and re-claim true security, stability, happiness, health, self-love and grounding within, we need to identify the………….

The Sister on this card sharing the message is Qizenna from Belgium.