Elemental mystique
Subconscious clarity
Magical realms of pure divinity

If the emerald ray card connected to you today, you are now entering a time of divine transformation and new beginnings. You are unveiling a greater part of your soul and your spirit is opening you up to a deeper connection in the core chamber of the sacred space in your source heart, where all of you resides. You are part of a grander truth and so your new journey begins.

“Deep within the magical realms and kingdoms, of the unseen and unknown… Beyond the mist of wonders and splendour, in the swirling depth of the subconscious nothingness…you find a clarity so bright and true. Through the timelessness of ages, dreams and memories long forgotten, you will hear the………….

The sister on this card sharing the message is Sanna Tarnstrom from Stockholm, Sweden.